The Fog

We had loads of fog for a week the day before I got The Fog out from the library. And that day it was sunny and glorious and I was sad because I wanted to read The Fog on a foggy day. It’s the simple things in life. And then the fog didn’t come back and I had to read the book anyway. Oh well.

Written by Kyo Maclear and drawn by Kenard Pak, The Fog is about a small, adorable yellow bird named Warble, a committed human watcher in Icyland. Warble adores human watching: the the Bald-Headed Glitzy Males, and even a Behatted Bibliophilic Female can be spotted. One day though, fog rolls in and interrupts his fun. All his bird friends adapt: they don’t even notice after a while.

One day though, a dark-haired human in a red coat shows up. And she also sees the fog! They want to know if anyone else in the whole world sees the fog too. They send out paper boats asking: Do you see the fog? After awhile, notes start coming back. Others can see the fog. They are not alone! The fog starts to lift.

Cute right? It was cute. I was dying of cuteness.

I particularly loved the little illustrations of the different types of people the bird watches: #678 Roadrunner, #659 Whooping Buff-Chested Male (Juvenile), #660 Masked Bohemian Weaver, #664 American Bushy-Browed Surf-Head etc.

Kyo Maclear was at Events 5 (A Feast of Fun) and 18 (Apples, Birds and Books) at the 2017 Vancouver Writers Festival.


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